Advanced Dental Xrays & Intra Oral Camera


Our practice is focused on making your dental experience as comfortable as possible. That’s why we utilize advanced digital X-ray technology in our office. Digital x-rays save time, provide clearer dental photos, and expose patients to less radiation than traditional X-ray technology. Digital radiography is a type of X-ray imaging that uses digital X-ray sensors to replace traditional photographic X-ray film, producing enhanced computer images of teeth, gums, and other oral structures and conditions.

Benefits of digital radiography include improved comfort for the patient, film is immediately processed and available to view, saves time, less radiation needed to produce the same quality image as traditional film, ability to store images on a computer, produces larger photos to better see cavities, provides clearer dental photos, and is more environmentally friendly.

While X-rays provide valuable information, they don’t give a complete bird’s eye view of everything that is going on inside your mouth. That is why the use of a dental intraoral camera is an integral part of our dental practice. Intraoral cameras are essentially tiny digital cameras that enable your dentist to capture images of difficult to reach areas in your mouth. The camera looks like a writing pen that when moved around the inside of the mouth allows your dentist to see detailed enlarged images of teeth surfaces, gum conditions, cavities, corroded or tarnished fillings, hairline fractures, cracks in your teeth, bleeding gums, plaque and several other critical teeth problems in real time while the patient is comfortably seated in the dental chair. The camera does not cause any pain or discomfort to the patient and has no side effects.

The best part about using intraoral cameras is that it allows the patient to get involved in the process of diagnosis and gives the patient a better understating of the problems as well as the proposed treatment allowing you to make a better informed decision. Early detection of dental problems makes your treatment less costly, painful and invasive in the long run.

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