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Cosmetic Dentist in Bothell, Washington

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Performed by Sunrise Dental of North Bend

Beautifying your smile can have a large impact on your overall confidence and self-esteem; this is the reason cosmetic dentistry is more indemand today than ever before. Sunrise Dental of North Bend is at the forefront of today's most cutting edge procedures; from teeth whitening and shaping to dental bridges, veneers and crowns, we can make your smile wonderful again! We offer the following cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Teeth whitening

Teeth can become discolored or stained for numerous reasons which include smoking, eating certain foods and drinking coffee. Sunrise Dental executes a bleaching process that is able to remove enamel discolorations to create a brighter, whiter appearance. Natural tooth structure is maintained, and no anesthetic is necessary. The first step is to be fitted for thin custom mouth trays that will be used  at home, then we’ll communicate with you regarding the wear time required for optimum whitening results. Peroxide-containing whiteners come in a gel form that you will apply to your custom-fitted mouth tray. Please inquire about our free lifetime teeth whitening. For the quickest results, inquire about our in house whitening.

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If you have unwanted space between your teeth then an experienced dentist with the Sunrise Dental team may recommend bonding as a solution. This dental procedure is also recommended when teeth are broken, chipped, cracked or even stained. Bonding materials can also be used to fill cavities as well as to protect exposed roots. Sunrise Dental can complete the bonding procedure in just one visit and the bonding can last for many years.


Sunrise Dental of North Bend can use veneers in order to improve the color and/or shape of your teeth. This dental procedure entails the use of porcelain which is used to cover the teeth and give them improved shape or color. Our team of highly trained dentists can also use veneers to adjust the space between teeth, fix chipped teeth, improve permanently stained teeth and correct teeth that are slightly crooked. Reach out to us today at (425) 292-0540 to learn if you are a suitable candidate for veneers and to learn more about this dental procedure.


Crowns are a cosmetic dentistry procedure used to cover an entire tooth to help fix its shape and appearance. Crowns are utilized in dental treatment to cover discolored or misshapen teeth, protect teeth that are weak, restore worn or broken teeth or cover a large filling. They can also be used to hold dental bridges, cover dental implants or cover teeth that have had root canal procedures.

We also specialize in gum lifting, dental implants, tooth colored dental fillings and orthodontic treatment.

At Sunrise Dental our goal is to offer the most comprehensive cosmetic dentistry in Bothell, Washington. We understand that smile enhancements can have dramatic results and we work hard everyday to provide the highest quality cosmetic dentistry services around. Our dental professional's top priority is to improve your confidence and self-esteem and make you smile the best its ever been. Reach out to us today at (425) 292-0540 to learn more about our vast array of cosmetic dental procedures.

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