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Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen when least expected and they range from painful toothaches to broken teeth. When dealing with a dental emergency you must act fast, so having an emergency dentist available is important for the peace of mind of you and your family. Sunrise Dental of North Bend will accommodate you as quickly as possible; if your dental emergency is life threatening please be sure to call 911 or visit your local hospital.

Dental emergencies can include the following:


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Toothaches can be excruciatingly painful. While painkillers may assist with soothing the pain, it is extremely important to consult an emergency dentist as quickly as possible to identify the root cause. Certain toothaches can be caused by tooth decay reaching a nerve or can also be linked to other medical issues such as ear and nasal problems. Using a cold compress to reduce any swelling is helpful and taking ibuprofen, not aspirin, can provide immediate pain relief.

Chipped or knocked out teeth

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Many different accidents can lead to teeth getting chipped or knocked out. Fortunately, an experienced emergency dentist like Sunrise Dental of North Bend can in many instances save your broken or chipped tooth, fully restoring your beautiful smile. When heading to the dentist it is pertinent to remember to carry the tooth or broken pieces of your tooth with you. Doing so will increase the chances of saving your natural tooth and avoiding the high costs of getting a new crown.
Rinse the tooth in water and attempt to place it gently back in the socket to keep it moist, without pushing it all the way into the root. If this isn't possible you may also hold the tooth in your mouth, between your cheek and gums, the goal being to keep the tooth as moist as possible while you’re preparing to travel to the emergency dental clinic.

Foreign objects between teeth

If you bite into something and the material gets lodged in between your teeth a visit your emergency dentist may be warranted if flossing doesn’t successfully remove the item. Do not try and force the object out as this can worsen the potential damage to your teeth and gums. Your emergency dentist at Sunrise Dental of North Bend will inspect the situation and determine how to proceed without causing further damage.

Lost crown or filling

A lost filling or crown can lead to severe pain and waiting until normal office hours to see your dentist may not be an option. Our team at Sunrise Dental of North Bend will do their best to accommodate you as quickly as possible.


Bleeding is the result of many things including a loose tooth or trauma to the gums, cheeks, lips or tongue. You can attempt to stop the bleeding by applying cold compress but we recommend you visit our office in North Bend to be seen by one of our emergency dental professionals so we can make sure that the issue is not serious.

Sunrise Dental is North Bend's premier emergency dental clinic. We also offer general dentistry, specialty dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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