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Rehan Syed Bashar, BDS, DDS, FICOI, FADIA, FAGD, MaCSD

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Before root canal therapy, a diseased or infected tooth would have to be removed. But experienced dentist Rehan Syed Bashar, DDS, helps patients preserve their natural teeth with root canal treatment at Sunrise Dental of North Bend in North Bend, Washington. If you think you need a root canal, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Root Canal Q&A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a common dental procedure that involves removing soft tissue, called the pulp, from the center of a tooth. Removal of inflamed or infected pulp relieves tooth pain, prevents reinfection, and saves your natural tooth from extraction.

Who performs a root canal?

At Sunrise Dental of North Bend, you don’t have to see a separate provider for a root canal. Dr. Bashar completed specialized training in endodontics, which is a branch of dentistry focused on root canal therapy and other conditions affecting the inside of a tooth.

In addition to his extensive experience performing painless root canals, Dr. Bashar and his team offer comprehensive dental services, including:

  • Dental implants
  • Oral surgery
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Fillings
  • Dental cleanings
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Teeth whitening
  • Invisalign®

You and your family can get all the oral health care you need at Sunrise Dental of North Bend.

When would I need a root canal?

A root canal treats tooth pain related to injury, infection, or inflammation that affects the pulp of a tooth. Various conditions can cause damage to the pulp, such as severe decay, repeated dental treatments, a chip or crack in the tooth, or a traumatic dental injury.

Does a root canal hurt?

Many people feel nervous about getting a root canal. But with advanced anesthesia and surgical techniques, there’s no need to worry. The purpose of a root canal is to relieve pain, not cause it.

At Sunrise Dental of North Bend, Dr. Bashar specializes in painless root canal therapy. After a root canal, your tooth and the surrounding area may be sore for a few days. However, the discomfort level is no greater than that of a typical filling.

What should I expect from root canal therapy?

Depending on your needs, root canal treatment may happen over one or two visits to Sunrise Dental of North Bend.

Dr. Bashar performs the root canal while you’re under anesthesia. He removes the diseased pulp, cleans the inner chamber of your tooth, and seals it with a temporary filling. In some cases, Dr. Bashar places a metal or plastic rod in the canal for structural support.

The final step of a root canal is to place a dental crown over the tooth, restoring its shape and appearance. Then, the treated tooth looks and feels like all the others. Proper oral care at home and routine dental exams are essential for preventing future problems.

For expert root canal treatment, call Sunrise Dental of North Bend, or book an appointment online today.